PSTV provides and supports many services and opportunities for any student enrolled in a school in Philadelphia

  1. Students can sign up to be part of the Communications Cluster, a CTE program that includes three years of instruction beginning in 10th grade.  The Communications Cluster consists of 2 career tracks for students to chose from: Cinematography, Film & Video Production (Television and Video Production) and Commercial & Advertising Art (Graphic Design). These programs prepare students to pursue full-time employment in the industry or post-secondary education after graduation. To learn more.
  2. PSTV Internships are designed to support career goals set forth by the student.
  3. Volunteering time to work on various productions or assist with studio needs without receiving pay.
  4. Student workready programs are available during the summer months.
  5. Apprenticeships designed to place students in to real life industry positions.

If interested in learning more about  an internship, volunteering or an Apprenticeship email